What is a fractal?
A fractal is an image or Model that contains an indefinite amount of itself, a triangle within a triangle within a triangle within a triangle within a triangle… or a star within a star within a star…

I’ve been messing around with a fractal generator and I’ve made a few designs…

Fractals also appear in nature, for example, take a snowflake.
One arm is identical to the other.

Remeber that triangle in a triangle in a triangle thing?

The evolution of the Sierpinski triangle


That is callled a Sierpinski triangle, and that pattern goes on forever. It is infinte.

This triangle is also called a fractal, as it goes on for ever and if you were to take out a single triangle and look at it, it would look like the entire triangle.

 Oh, and just like any other math equations and geometry and such, It is always better with cookies.

Neat huh?
Try it for yourself!

Fractal Pictures: Me!

Serpinski pictures: Dino



No, not the pasta.

Not this,

The penguin,


"My hair is better than Jackson's"

The Macaroni Penguin (Eudyptes chrysolophus) is a type of penguin found in the Subantarctic, and is know for its distinctively FABULOUS hair (or crest).

It is named after “macaroni fashion”,a fashion style popular in 1800’s england, that involved a hairstyle and a feathery hat  that looked like the penguins titular crest. Nothing to do with pasta I’m afraid.

It Loves to eat large amounts of krill and sometimes squid. The penguin eats rocks to help crush up the squid.

The penguin is also VERY closely related to the Royal penguin.So close.that science doesn’t yet know if they  are different species or simply the same penguin in disguise.

In any case, this penguin’s tuxedo is a blueish black when it is younger, and more brown when it ages. The penguin lives for around 20 years. However one of its predators, the leopard seal hopes to cut that number short.

Pictured: Death.

The seal strikes when the adult penguin is about to go swimming, by hiding just below the surface.  So when the penguin jumps, rather than landing in the water he finds himself in the seals gullet. But the creature is even more diabolical! Sometimes the seals have been seen simply taunting the penguins, scaring them witless for fun, Evil.



Photo Credits:

Pink Sherbet!

Jumpin’ jack!



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Student blogging challenge!

Welcome bloggers!
I’m participating in the student blogging challenge!

Here are some blogs that Are really good,


Charlie (he’s in my class) is a really funny guy, and has some great posts. He’s been blogging for 2 years now, you should check him out!

Matt writes about a wide array of topics, anything from Ipod apps, to roller coasters.

Shawn (also in my class) has a really good blog, even If its a little shaky and mostly starting up. You should give him a look, and some encouragement

And finally,

This chap has a the greatest blog I’ve ever seen! It’s amazing! fantastic! Epic! 😀 You should check out his blog!



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Roots of Empathy

A Penguin baby?!?


Today our class learned that we will participate in the Roots of Empathy program. A Program in where we will help take care of  a little baby named Elliot, while we learn about Empathy , of compassion and understanding.  The Program intends to educate and inform about our first stage of life, while also reducing anger and violence in the worlds populace.  We also played a game of True/False about baby’s,and learned new things about how little ones  see the world. Did you know that baby can only see 30 cm?    Or that they have a developed sense of taste? Or even that an infant can even tell the difference between mother and stranger by first smelling its mother and comparing the scent.

A Description from the ROE Website
“Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom program that has shown dramatic effect in reducing levels of aggression among schoolchildren by raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy. The program reaches elementary schoolchildren from Kindergarten to Grade 8. In Canada, the program is delivered in English and French and reaches rural, urban, and remote communities including Aboriginal communities. Roots of Empathy is also delivered in New Zealand, the Seattle area of the United States, Isle of Man, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland.”

Penguin Products!

Hello fellow business penguins!!

I am selling penguin screen cleaners at a school fair!

Do you want to wipe the dust and grime off your precious Ipod, game system or phone?    Use a Penguin cleaner! 😀

I have prepared a little survey below about my product and would love some feedback!

Thanks in advance,


(Note. Feel free to fill this out if you feel like it, But I am no longer taking responses, Thank you.)

A penguin screen cleaner!


Now this Is a hilarious video I found the other day, But It reminded  me of the old 1960’s horror film plot, “What If our feathered friends turned on us?”

I stole your bread crumbs Lady, Problem?



I realized there was a logical reason for the penguin charge.

And so I thought To myself, “Well, this guy wandered into Mr.Penguins House, And was summarily  thrown out.”

But What If there’s a more humorous, Scary or ridiculous back-story!??!

Here’s what I thought up…..

One day, in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, Mr.Penguin Was walking. Looking for a water hole from which to fish, He walked… And waddled….And even slid …To no avail,  All he found was the yellow barriers…endless barriers.

The humans of the world had found that there was a massive oil deposit underneath Antarctica. The humans had barricaded of all the know penguin ice fishing holes, Placed giant drills in their centers and started sucking up the oceans oil. Most all of the penguins that had been in the water at the time had become trapped behind the barricades, And the penguins had also been locked out. With no way to get food. the penguins on the outsides starved, and the birds trapped inside could not swim forever.

As He waddled, he saw something amazing! A unbarricaded lake! Was It to good to be true?! It was. Even as he slid towards the edge of the ice, he saw the humans walking over with a drill and barricade.

He heard the humans speaking to each other. “Come on Jerry! This is the last Barrier. Almost time for our paycheck!”  “Oh noes!” Thought Mr Penguin, this is the last Place without a barrier! Thinking quickly, Our hero ran towards the humans at full speed!

He would scare off the humans! He would save the colony!


That Is the story I thought up! But do you have a better Idea? I bet you do! If you comment an idea or story  you could win a cookie*!

*A virtual Picture of a cookie, That is in no way a physical  piece of delicious bakery treat.

Photo By: Faxto

Video By: MoonGrate


The Jackass penguin (Spheniscus demersus) , also known as the  South African penguin, is a species of penguins known for its call. Its call sounds like a donkey braying. Hence, it received the title of Jackass.


This penguin loves a warm water environment ( I’ve seen some of these penguins myself in a Hawaiian hotel as mascots)  and can go under the water for 2.5 minutes in order to catch sardines or their favourite food, small squid and crabs.

An average bird will grow up to be around sixty centimetres tall and will weigh in at anything from 4 lb to a max 11 lb. (2 and 5 kg respectively). Most Penguins swim like humans with a belly down and backside up. The black back is hidden by the murky water when looking from the sky and from below the white belly mixes with the white light of the sun. Thus, this penguin stays hidden in the eyes of hunters.

Their coat is also different for each penguin, like a cheetah. Some of these penguins also have a odd pink spot above their eyes. Despite the colour difference, they are the same as the other birds. This penguin also is on the verge of getting on the endangered species list, with the amount of penguins slowly gets smaller each year.

Wikipedia page

Photo: Kyknoord

Me as a Reader II

My book cover!

Hello there! I am Cadimore Wellington promoting my new book in the Heroes of Antarctica mega series! Book Three is called The Penguin Palace! With an exciting plot involving a famous painting, an evil new villain and a all new hero, this entry into the series is not  to be missed! In fact, my book is so breathtaking it has just won the prestigious AE  Board award! (Antarctic Enthusiasts)

So please! Buy this book at a major retailer near YOU!

Adélie Penguin


Some Adélie and one Chinstrap! Can you spot the Chinstrap?

The Adélie Penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) is an Antarctic dwelling penguin. It is one of the most common birds in the southern part of our planet!  They grow to be about 55-60 centimetres,but they can grow as high as 75 centimetres and as low as 45. So some of these birds would be up to your hip! They are also twice as big as their little penguin cousins!

An average penguin weighs 13 pounds and swims at an amazing 45 miles per hour! That’s as fast as a car!

Penguins return  to their birthplace,like salmon , to raise a new family.The average penguins hatch from their eggs in the warmest time of the year, December, and will live for twenty years.

They have a white belly and black feathers, But some have a tinge of light blue. They also have a unique white ring around their eyes, Like a penguin monocle. some Adélie also have a red beak. They eat snow (To get water since they can’t drink), local fish, and they LOVE to eat shrimp and krill. If a penguin is hungry enough, they have been know to swim over 185 miles for a decent meal!

The Adélie live in groups. From as many 250,00 birds to as little as one hundred per colony. The name Adélie comes from french explorer Dumont d’Urville. He named them after his wife,Adélie.

Thanks for visiting! What penguin would you like to learn about next? Comment below!

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Some great Adélie websites are.

National  geographic,Kids

National Geographic


Photo by: Antarctic: Signy Island – Adelie penguins by Mark

Also, click the above link to find out which penguin was the odd one out!