What is a fractal?
A fractal is an image or Model that contains an indefinite amount of itself, a triangle within a triangle within a triangle within a triangle within a triangle… or a star within a star within a star…

I’ve been messing around with a fractal generator and I’ve made a few designs…

Fractals also appear in nature, for example, take a snowflake.
One arm is identical to the other.

Remeber that triangle in a triangle in a triangle thing?

The evolution of the Sierpinski triangle


That is callled a Sierpinski triangle, and that pattern goes on forever. It is infinte.

This triangle is also called a fractal, as it goes on for ever and if you were to take out a single triangle and look at it, it would look like the entire triangle.

 Oh, and just like any other math equations and geometry and such, It is always better with cookies.

Neat huh?
Try it for yourself!

Fractal Pictures: Me!

Serpinski pictures: Dino